About Us

Jess and mini meJessica Philippus, is a retired Freestyle wrestler turned pro-MMA fighter who has competed at world-renown competitions such as Invicta Fighting Championships and HOOKnSHOOT, is the founder of Wrestler Chick and is a girl on a mission. She’s here to alter the history of girls’ wrestling by investing in the wrestler chicks of the future. Jessica, 31, has opened girls’ wrestling programs in Nebraska and Iowa geared specifically towards girls and women who want to learn the sport and train to become better wrestlers. In the program, she teaches what it means to be a wrestler chick, how to get started, the opportunities that await you, and of course, how much fun you’ll have in the process.

Her story and the ‘why’ behind WrestlerChick

Jessica started wrestling at the age of 14, on a dare. As it turned out, she fell in love with the sport, irregardless of her struggles when she began. Not being very athletic prior to starting wrestling and being the only girl on the team; she had a rocky start-only winning twice her freshman year. However, those two times was all that was necessary to light a fire in her heart for this sport. She devoted all of her springs and summers to Freestyle wrestling, initially to get better for Folkstyle; however she quickly fell in love with Freestyle (after thinking it was ridiculous for a few months) and became an All-American at the Senior and Cadet level by her junior year. She was the ONLY girl all 4 years on her High School team and was the first girl to accomplish that and wrestling varsity at her school. Her hard work paid off and earned her a scholarship to the premiere women’s wrestling program in the US at the time: Missouri Valley College. It was there she made lifelong wrestler sisters while earning a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science. Thanks to the opportunities wrestling provided her, she was a first generation college grad-making her single Mom very proud. That’s right- WITHOUT WRESTLING attending college would have been unheard of, this is why she is so passionate about keeping that dream alive for girls today. This is why WrestlerChick was created. Girls should know that while wrestling is super fun, it can also SO open many doors for them. So why NOT look cute and tough? Or have singlets that fit our bodies? Or wrestling shirts with sayings that pertain to girls? Or know exactly where to go to find out about girl specific tournaments, camps and clinics? Or blog posts about stuff that only wrestler chicks would understand? We should and we can! That was Jessica’s dream for a long time (especially back in the day when she wrestled), then after wondering what the heck she was waiting for she launched WrestlerChick in 2010. Amidst fighting MMA, working and having a baby; it took of to a slow start but now that she is a stay-at-home Mom, Pro-fighter, and Coach; she has been able to bring this vision and the website (finally! Thanks Big Red SEO) to life!! FINALLY!!

Here at WrestlerChick we are all for helping make wrestling a fun and seamless experience for girls, so feel free to submit any ideas for apparel, shirt sayings, car decals, singlets, blog posts, or anything else and chances are we can make it happen!! Just submit them through our Facebook page, contact form, or email Jess@wrestlerchick.com. You can of course also, always call us at the number found on the home page.