Girl Wrestling Beginner Basics: How to Buy Gear

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In the history of girls’ wrestling, being a wrestler chick is about hard work, determination, and skill. But who said you can’t look good while you’re doing it?! Wrestling is a contact sport, and just like other sports, it requires that you have the specific gear to be safe and comfortable on the mat. Learn what gear you need from top to bottom and how you can add your own flair while on the mat.

10 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Try Wrestling

Have you thought about becoming a wrestler chick? When a girl participates in wrestling she learns valuable life lessons like, perseverance and mental fortitude. Join the history of girls wrestling by considering these 10 reasons why you should give it a shot. You’ll grow as a person, improve as an athlete, gain future opportunities, and meet other fun wrestler chicks in the process.

Wrestler Chick Basics: The Master List for Locker Room and Meet Etiquette

To be a great wrestler chick, it’s important to practice good locker room etiquette. Locker rooms are shared spaces with other athletes and proper etiquette should be used. At dual meets or tournaments you will likely have to share these close quarters with your potential opponents.

The history of girls wrestling is full of professional women who follow etiquette practices just like these. To be like the professionals, consider the following tips when you’re in the locker room.

Wrestling Basics 101: How to Get Started in Becoming a Female Wrestler

How to Get Started in Becoming a Female Wrestler

Are you interested in girls’ wrestling? Do you have a passion for learning technique and becoming the strongest version of yourself? In the recent history of girls’ wrestling, there are wrestler chicks just like you who are paving the way to make girls’ wrestling just as important and competitive as the male sport. If you’d like to join this group of strong women and become a female wrestler, here are the basics on how to start living your dreams.

Build It and They Will Come: Create and Maintain New Program for Girl’s Wrestling

Have you thought about wrestling for yourself or your daughter? Would you like to join a group of girls and women on the same mission?

Jessica Philippus, Pro MMA fighter, wrestler and founder of Wrestler Chick, is on a mission to build a program specifically geared towards girls who currently are, or want to be, a part of this rare breed. A breed that is tough, not afraid of hard work or getting dirty, disciplined, have a passion for success and won’t take no for an answer.